Juniper Networks Unveils Media Flow Publisher to Enable the Delivery of New Internet Video Services

Juniper Networks has announced Media Flow Publisher, a Juniper Networks® Media Flow Controller application, which facilitates the introduction of premium multi-screen video services.

With Juniper Networks Media Flow Publisher, cable operators, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) providers and content publishers can now more easily introduce innovative new services by delivering high-quality video content to a variety of end-user devices, while ensuring a superior user experience.

The advent of tablet PCs, large-screen mobile devices and increasingly ubiquitous wireless access is driving the consumption of premium video entertainment content out of the living room. On-the-go consumers now expect access to a variety of content on any device at any time. Delivering premium content to multiple screens in the form of new services can represent a tremendous business opportunity for cable operators, IPTV providers and content publishers; however, it also presents a number of technical challenges.

To address the variables in device capabilities and connection quality in multi-screen content delivery, adaptive bit-rate streaming -- fully supported by Juniper Media Flow Solution -- is widely used to ensure a smooth viewing experience for online video.

The new application enables Juniper Media Flow Solution to perform the stream segmentation, packaging, metadata publishing and adaptive stream format translation required for adaptive bit-rate delivery. By performing these key publishing tasks, Media Flow Publisher can eliminate the need for operators to deploy costly, specialized adaptive encoders and servers—dramatically reducing costs and enabling customers to more easily monetize the delivery of online video content.

Media Flow Publisher supports adaptive streaming formats from major vendors, including Apple, Adobe and Microsoft, and can convert content between these adaptive stream formats. Supporting all major streaming protocols on a single, converged infrastructure facilitates delivery to multiple end-user devices and types, and can enable a server reduction. Media Flow Publisher also supports up to five times the scale of traditional adaptive streaming encoders, enabling a highly efficient and consolidated solution that results in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and savings in power, space and cooling.

“Delivering content to multiple devices over the Internet or unmanaged networks requires a different approach than that of traditional TV and VOD,” said Rajan Raghavan, vice president and general manager, Content and Media Business Unit, Juniper Networks. “By consolidating the publishing and delivery of multiple adaptive streaming formats on a single platform, Media Flow Publisher lowers costs and enables our customers to more efficiently deliver content to multiple screens. Cable operators, IPTV providers and content producers and distributors can now grow revenue and increase subscriber satisfaction by delivering content to new devices in new ways.”

The new application complements and extends the capabilities of Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller, which is an innovative content delivery and caching software that enables customers to deliver rich media with maximum performance, efficiency and scale. Media Flow Controller customers can leverage the new application to add adaptive stream publishing capabilities to their content delivery and caching solution.

Juniper Networks Media Flow Publisher is available now and must be deployed in conjunction with Media Flow Controller. For more information, please visit A demonstration of Media Flow Controller’s adaptive streaming capability is available at: