PiPR 1st Aniversary

PiPR, celebrated its first birthday on 1st October 2010.

It is a public relation consulting firm who specializes on the ICT industry.

Pi's clients include SAS Malaysia, SL Information, New Age Porfolio, MTouche, MYREN, Tipping Point and many more.

Public relation is an art by itself. It is also a function in marketing for organizations seeking to build and grow brand values and many more; it is marketing.

PiPR believes that recognition (of value) is equivalent to business growth.

And this is what I believe about PR.

In this age of social media, decision makings can be totally non rational most of the time. People choose to believe in trends and lifestyle ideas which they barely familiar with. Such phenomenon is especially true when it comes to buying technology stuffs.

The fact that technology is about best practices which are created by human. In other words, we can almost conclude that most products will ultimately the same. For this reason, why bother to talk about product differentiation so much ? Your products are expected to be as competitive as others.

So help me out, which product should I buy ?

PiPR, having inculcate the essence of Pi, best fit this role of sorting out answers.