A 2010 Year End Wrap Up From Juniper Networks (By Wan Ahmad Kamal)

Cloud computing and mobile Internet has finally gained a lot more momentum in 2010.

Juniper Networks has proved to be able to keep up with everything which include development of new products and evolution of existing products.

One of the fundamental challenge of existing economy is to have solutions which are good in terms of quality,affordability as well as manageability.

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On top of that, Juniper Networks has also demonstrated capability in supporting the 'Connected Culture' which gives rise to higher requirement for security. The launching of Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite is a major paradigm shift for the Telecommunication industry.

Telecommunication providers business models are heavily dependent on network products innovation, as such that cloud computing is heavily dependent on the concept of virtualization.

En. Wan Ahmad Kamal explains that Juniper Networks plays major role in transforming the economy of our societies. The network will not only be key drivers for communications, but will also become other economical drivers for the content industry, XaaS and etc.

A number of Malaysia based organization has deployed Juniper Networks solutions, such as Packet One, Technology Park Malaysia, the Malaysian Research and Education Network (MYREN), and University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).

En. Wan Ahmad Kamal endorses the coming of mobile Internet age to Malaysia, which is also lauded by the Malaysian government recently under Malaysia Budget 2011 announcement.

Going into 2011, Juniper Networks expects to see accelerated spending on technologies that innovate and preserve the network, such as cloud computing, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, security software and appliances, unified communications, WAN optimization, XaaS applications, networking management software or appliances, wireless networking, and application acceleration.

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2010 is definitely a great year for Juniper Networks.