2010 A Year Flashback

Jan 2010:

Apple launched iPad.

Feb 2010:
Mar 2010:

TM launched UniFi.

Apr 2010:
June 2010:

10th Malaysia Plan ICT related.

Jul 2010:

Aug 2010:

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Partner Network.

Sep 2010:

Google introduced dynamic search.

Oct 2010:
Nov 2010:

The most happening periods of the year were 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter, with May 2010 tops the list.

The government of Malaysia relaxes on ICT initiatives, choosing to focus on mobile and Internet lifestyle.

There isn't any significant funding and grant initiatives for entrepreneurs.

The launched of UniFi by TM ended years of speculation on the HSBB (High Speed Broadband) project initiative by the government; Malaysia has high speed broadband now.

Network based technology is going to take over, due to the fact that cloud computing has gained a lot of momentum and attention. Besides that, Internet coverage has improved. This is going to give a lot more opportunities for the Internet culture. Anything to do with Internet Protocol (IP) based, Internet, web will have good prospect.

By the way, happy new year :D


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