F5 Simplifies and Centralizes Access Management for Citrix Applications

F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), today announced its improved support for organizations that run Citrix and other virtual desktop applications.

Organization can consolidate and centralize authentication and access control for better access management across all virtual desktop environments, including Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware - using F5’s BIG-IP® Access Policy Manager™ (APM™) or BIG-IP Edge Gateway™ solution.

This gives F5 customers a choice of flexible solutions to meet their business needs, rather than only being able to work with a specific vendor’s offerings.

Jeff Wilson, Principal Analyst (Infonetics Research) says, “Many companies rely on secure access to their virtual desktop infrastructure, but this is complex. F5 simplifies these rollouts with BIG-IP - solving real-world problems faced by by customers.”

F5 Managing Director for ASEAN, Teong Eng Guan shares, “Many local organizations face the challenge of supporting an increasingly distributed workforce.Intelligent devices like smart phones and tablet devices requires organizations to accommodate multiple access methods.”

“The challenge in a Citrix environment can be critical in terms of handling remote users’ access and administration. F5's introduction of Citrix support solves this without the need to change or modify existing servers. Customers can now simply use BIG-IP APM or BIG-IP Edge Gateway to consolidate access control in a central location, thus minimising infrastructure administration concerns.”

Highlights of deploying Citrix and F5 technologies together include:
  • Reduced Management Time – By centralizing local and remote access authentication, BIG-IP solutions eliminate the need for customers to add separate infrastructure or make changes to existing Web Interface servers.
  • Simplified Configuration and Deployment – With BIG-IP solutions, administrators can support users of Citrix applications with fewer devices.
  • Centralized and Comprehensive Access Control – A single access policy to support all types of users (local and remote access) securely, to ensure that application access is aligned with the organizations' business priorities and security policies.
Teong ends, “This announcement further supports F5’s vision of a highly efficient and dynamic application and network services that can be leveraged across IT.” F5’s BIG-IP solutions for Citrix application deployments are now available. Please visit www.f5.com/products/for more information.