Internet Connected But Browser Not Working

Able to connect to Internet, able to ping, windows updates able to work, but not able to use browser; all web browsers.

Having ability to ping means that IP, subnet,DNS, gateway settings are correct. It also implies that the network card is working normally.

Try to 'telnet 80'

Not successful.

Check Windows Firewall; is off.

Try to ping the PC from other PC in the LAN.

Not successful.

Thus, since Windows Firewall is off, there must be another firewall which prevents such to happen.

The culprit is Norton Internet Security.

Tried to open Norton Internet Security, unable to.

Must be corrupted.

Uninstall Norton Internet Security.

It works. Web browser is able to surf the Internet.

Thus, either someone changed the settings of Norton Internet Security or there is a trojan which corrupted the settings, even made it not operable.

When everything is able to work properly, if you perform 'telnet 80', a blank window will open.

You can also use WireShark to see the communication.

Install WireShark, apply filter for 'Http' only. Then start to capture the network interface.

Then perform 'telnet 80' from command prompt.