Microsoft Cloud Summit (Malaysia) - The Power Of Cloud As It Matters To You

What I have learned are:

1.) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model will follow the trend of per user per month, other ways may not work. Microsoft is selling dynamics CRM online for $34 per user per month for 12 months contract.

2.) Business values for developers or software vendors.
  • Achieve business agility.
  • Reduce cost pressure/lack of staff
  • Counter variable work loads.
  • Reduce server utilization.
3.) Secondary business value propositions for developers or software vendors:
  • Cost sharing.
  • Access to to better quality system at a lower cost.
  • Using technology to lift profits.
4.) Different types of cloud.
  • Custom private cloud - Microsoft 'HyperV'
  • Managed private cloud - Microsoft 'HyperV'
  • Virtual private cloud - Microsoft 'HyperV'
  • Community public cloud - Windows Azure, 'AppFabric'
  • Public cloud - Windows Azure, 'AppFabric'
5.) Coca Cola and Starbucks in the USA have adopted Microsoft cloud solutions. There is no enterprise in Malaysia have adopted cloud solutions yet.

6.) Microsoft is offering Dynamics CRM and Office 365 as software-as-a-service, competing with, Google,Amazon and Oracle.

7.) The business value propositions for customers is collaboration, which can be further classified as:
  • Unified communications.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Enterprise content management.
  • Collaboration enterprise search.
8.) Microsoft is competing with data center providers.

9.) Microsoft thinks that SMB (Small medium business) will be the early adopters of cloud computing than large enterprises. This also suggests that in the long term, SMB will likely benefit from SaaS more than conventional software.

10.) Cloud computing is the way forward, it is just a matter of time. It will consolidate the industry further, particularly on the number of software solution providers. It is claimed that Microsoft is moving all out for cloud computing, investing 70% of its resources on it.

Tips for customers:

For Software-as-as-Service(SaaS) solutions,start with a few users first. Don't migrate everything over immediately, go phase by phase. If you don't like the solution, just stop the subscription.

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