P1 4G has a new year’s resolution to continue to provide the best value wireless 4G broadband to all Malaysians. To kick off 2011, P1 4G is giving a FREE speed upgrade from 2.4Mbps to 4.8Mbps to all new and existing Home Pro subscribers.

For new P1 4G Home Pro Promo M5 subscribers, the deal gets even sweeter with a RM300 discount over the first 3 months. The breakdown is RM160 discount off the subscriber’s first bill (RM100 registration fee + RM60 activation fee waived), RM70 discount off the second and third bills respectively. Best of all, the double speed upgrade is permanent and FREE.

The new P1 4G Home Pro Promo M5 plan comes with the latest plug-n-play Home DX-230 modem and a plan price of just RM139 per month. So, users get the best wireless 4G Home package in town, 30GB per month and FREE double download speed upgrade!

“Our new Home Pro plan is unbeatable value for money. But we don’t just focus on acquiring new subscribers. We also want to thank our existing Home Pro customers for their support of P1 all these while. Hence we’re giving the Home Pro plan customers the automatic free speed upgrade indefinitely!” said Michael Lai, P1’s Chief Executive Officer.

The download speed upgrade will automatically kick-in for existing P1 4G Home Pro and P1 W1MAX 2400 Personal Plan customers starting 7 January 2011. That’s a big “Happy New Year” from P1!

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Yos Favorite said…
P1 4G seem not really high demand after released for sometimes. How do you think about YES from YTL Power?

florist at klang
Brandon Teoh said…
I heard YTL is fast but more expensive.