Recent Malaysia Internet Lifestyle Review

It attracted my attention towards the article from TheStar; Star Online, FB are big favourite among digital media marketers.

All these listed sites are actually the most visited by Malaysia Internet users. Telekom Malaysia confirms that 90% of Internet traffic goes international where efforts are continuing in getting content owners to host the content locally.

First of all, this tells us that Malaysians prefer international contents, we are as curious as ever.

Secondly, it tells a fact that local ICT entrepreneurs will always have to compete with international players the moment they step into the market.

If you are providing local contents, your key competitor is not the guy next door, or someone in Penang, Sabah, Johor, it is the big guys.

Let's take a look at an article posted on last year about 'Malaysians win global Internet popularity contest'

It makes sense anyway because not only we like to go international, we prefer international.

It also suggests that:
  • Malaysians are not that stressful.
  • Malaysians have spare time.
  • Malaysians trust people more.
  • Malaysians will always need better and faster Internet.
Opportunities for local content providers are increasing. The HSBB (High Speed Broadband) project has started an initiative to create a high speed backbone for digital data delivery in Malaysia.

Maxis is starting to leverage on such facility (in Malaysia) in order to create more business opportunities.

What I am hoping that will materialize soon is that there will be more data centers being setup locally to host contents and link up to the backbone.

Not only that will create more jobs opportunities, I see opportunities for Internet based application, particularly mission critical applications in the categories of communication, monetary, energy and transportation.

This is going to be a starting point for Malaysia to not depend so much on International contents and the success possibility falls in the hand of local ICT entrepreneurs where supplies must be created before demands can be realized.

Someone has to approach TM, MDeC, Maxis and etc to motivate them to create more schemes to allow contents to be hosted for free. In particular, this is a suitable time to setup cloud computing facilities in Malaysia.

This is high time for us to divert some money back to the hands of local ICT entrepreneurs.

I am asking for Malaysians with capability like John Doerr (of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) to step forward and to champion such initiatives.