Nokia To Adopt Windows Phone Platform; Finally

I remember many years ago, the walkman was everything to everybody. Then came the discman and then all those anti-shocking technologies.

Everybody was talk about Sony here and there.

Suddenly, it was all quiet.

Then I wrote this blog on 'Why is the Japanese not able to keep up with iPod ?'

I joined the IT industry at around 1999, when I was first year in college. Yeah, we were late in the game.


So, Steve Job really is somebody we all look up to, which he said that the reason iPhone wins is because of the software. So, those guys in Sony forgot to focus on software.

And the walkman is long dead and there is no sequel as well.

Recently, I read this book from Lee Kuan Yew which he said that for the lower tier to catch up with the higher tier, it may not be possible because as the lower tier progresses, so will the higher tier.

But then, China can actually create space ship and fighter jet, but we haven't heard any chinese operating system for PC right ?

Perhaps it is all about money. Are you willing to invest just for the sake of R & D ? Maybe not in this age of humanity. Maybe when we discover E.T, we will.

Last year, I attended 'Nokia Innovation day'.

The speakers told us that it was Nokia's strategy to make mobile application development as the pillar of focus for the company.

It was during that time which I came to know about Nokia N900, Maemo, MeeGo, WRT, QT and Trends.

Now, Nokia announced adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone to fight with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone.

So, iPhone and iPad are doing very well, thanks to Steve Jobs. 'BlackBerry' as always, CEOs and executives like to use it while Android seems to become more popular with people who go for open source.

Nokia. I am actually a fan of Nokia and I am just having a Nokia Symbian phone. Adopting Microsoft platform will bring about a whole new world of dimension and excitement for mobile app developers.

Thus, it seems like now the software platform war is between iphone os, Windows Phone and Android.

Chief Executive Stephen Elop. "The game has changed. The game has changed from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems."


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