Firefox Quicktime Windows 7 No Visual

My laptop is running on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit.

The audio is working, but not the visual.

It is working in IE8 but not Firefox. I have tried using the latest Firefox version 3 and beta version 4; makes no difference.

In fact, I can't even open Quicktime properly in Windows 7 pro, the Window will not show up (but stuck at being pinned to the taskbar) without running a movie. Nevertheless, Quicktime is able to play the movies perfectly if downloaded, just not able to show visual as plugin in Firefox.

This issue is common.

I don't have any kind of antivirus or security software installed.

I think it is due to my graphic card with 3D capability; NVIDIA NVIS 3100M.

Or it could be due to Windows media player's support of mov file.
Any idea ?

I still haven't found a solution.

Perhaps the solution is to play mov files using media player plugin for Firefox, instead of using QuickTime plugin.