Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft just announced Internet Explorer 9.

This is what I have discovered and think is cool.

1. Didn't take a long time to download (from Microsoft web site) out of limited bandwidth 16 KB/S.

Took about 10 minutes.

My location is in P.J Malaysia.

I was installing onto an existing IE8 on Windows 7.

2. URL bar is smaller and lesser buttons (actually they are hidden). Just right click. You can make the URL bar longer as well.

3. Tab is nicer and faster. In fact, the idea of multi-tab was not even started by IE or Netscape; it was Netcaptor.

4. 'Pinned sites' allows one to pin an instance of IE configured to load a specific site to Windows 7's taskbar.

5. Support dynamic zooming. Press 'Ctrl' and press '+' to zoom in or press '-' to zoom out. This feature was first available in Firefox.

6. Seems faster; loading of web sites.

7. Wider background (full screen); dynamic resolution. Good for mobile devices with smaller screens.

8. Created for Windows 7. A new operating system would require a new broswer right ?

9. Seems to have a lot of enhanced security features. The thing about security feature is that you will not use it until there is a necessity.

10. Supports Apple's Quicktime on Windows 7.

11. Supports 'Your most popular sites' or 'Your last most frequently visited sites'. This feature was first started by Google's Chrome.

12. Smoother, less-hanging-experience. Seems like they have added in more multi-threading and exception catching. It seems less likely to hang now.

13. Better GUI and presentations. For instance, the pop up message box has a new look.