Sourcefire’s IMMUNET Surpasses 1 Million Users

Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), the creator of Snort® and a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced that the company’s cloud-based anti-malware solution IMMUNET has surpassed one million users.

This is namely due to IMMUNET’s cloud-based approach that enables organizations to gain real-time protection against malware, driven by intelligence from its user community. Each time a virus is blocked on one computer in the Immunet Community; all other PCs are instantly protected from the same virus.

“Unlike other anti-malware technologies, IMMUNET is an extremely light-weight solution that leverages‘strength in numbers’ approach to ensure that once one user is protected, all remaining users are instantly protected as well,” says Ivan Wen, Sourcefire’s Country Manager of Malaysia.

Sourcefire recently announced IMMUNET 3.0 - which enables small businesses and consumers to create custom anti-malware signatures for more accurate protection against targeted attacks. IMMUNET 3.0 - which is available for Malaysian users as a free anti-malware download from, also offers an innovative Cloud Recall feature that can remediate previously approved files and automatically quarantine them in real time based on new threat information.

An independent test recently conducted by the Malware Research Group showed that the IMMUNET technology outperformed all of its competitors and successfully defended against 100 percent of malware attacks.