Universiti Teknologi MARA Picks Juniper Networks for VPN Upgrade

Juniper Networks announced that the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) has migrated its VPN access, data center and Internet gateways to routers running the Junos® operating system. Deployment of Juniper Networks® J Series and M Series routers has enabled the university to scale its multi-site network to meet demands for more web-based services and multimedia applications.

UiTM is Malaysia's largest institution of higher learning, spanning its main campus in Shah Alam, three satellite campuses, 15 branch campuses, nine city campuses and 21 affiliated colleges nationwide. It employs around 15,000 staff and has 170,000 local and international students enrolled in more than 300 academic programs.

“Our federated structure is unique within Malaysia's education sector and with it comes unique IT challenges,” said Rahidzab Talib, IT Director of Universiti Teknologi MARA. “We have been leveraging Telekom Malaysia’s MPLS infrastructure to interconnect campuses for several years now but the use of digital data network lines for access was a bottleneck. Juniper Networks J Series routers are a cost-effective solution that enables us to boost WAN performance by using a variety of connectivity options, while also implementing improved security in a single, compact device.”

Juniper Networks J Series Service Routers integrate advanced routing and fire-walling into one best-in-class secure router. By deploying J Series devices as WAN access gateways at all campuses, UiTM is able to secure the network from hacking by filterering out illegitimate traffic and can apply quality-of-service management to ensure bandwidth is allocated to critical applications.

“UiTM's decision to deploy our J-Series branch networking solution, together with M Series routers for its data center and Internet gateways, is a significant step in further penetrating Malaysia's higher education sector,” said Wan Ahmad Kamal, Managing Director of Juniper Networks Malaysia. “It also reflects the strength of our partnership with Telekom Malaysia which is implementing this best-of-breed solution.”

In order to optimize the throughput and latency of the network, Juniper Networks’ Junos operating system implements session-based forwarding in the J-series routers, an innovation that combines the session state information of a traditional firewall and the next-hop forwarding of a classic router into a single operation. This efficient algorithm improves throughput and lowers latency for session traffic when compared with a classic router that performs multiple table lookups to verify session information and then to find a next-hop route.


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