Using StyleKandi To Market Your Blog Posts

Blog itself is already a great marketing tool.

If your blogs are being updated frequently, search engines will be able to get it indexed better.

Now, with StyleKandi, you can market the blog and individual posts to a greater extend.

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To do this is simple. It will only work with blogspot.

Publish a blog post (with at least one image file) about an idea or product, login to StyleKandi and upload a photo by copy and paste the blog post's URL to the uploader.

Create a small description and tag the post.

After that, your blog posts will be broadcast to the community in StyleKandi.

In this way, it creates a win win for both your blog posts and StyleKandi's community.

This way of marketing is pretty fantastic, using blogspot as the storage and StyleKandi's as the channel, your ideas will be communicated across the Internet. Easily in no time.

StyleKandi is currently in its beta stage.