1Malaysia Email

I think it is good initiative, even though some people may not want to use it as the core email address.

It can generate a lot of income opportunities for local ICT players.

This is a time where everybody is talking about using Gmail and Yahoo mail, with Hotmail being unappreciated and forgotten and your company email is always not having enough capacity and usually not 100% up time.

But I like to see more diversity in the area of email.

The goods are:
  • It will intensify efforts to bring Internet to everybody in the country. This means that someone will have to ensure that every single Malaysian has access to the Internet in a proper manner.
  • It will create a lot of opportunities for computer training for dummies and basic computing. This will include Malaysian like my mother. And who is going to pay for it ? This is also expected to happen door to door for outskirts area.
  • It is expected to be secured, we can use the email for secured communication with financial institution and in the event of any compromise, someone local can be held accounted for.
  • Bring back one PC for every home scheme in Malaysia. This will generate even more interest for the tablet PC trend, intensifying the sales of mobile computing devices.

Tricubes, which is collaborating with Microsoft to develop the project, said it expected to generate income from value-added services including advertising, online market place, bill and notice deliveries and online registration to government agencies.

Refer to here.


World Bank has pro actively shared information on Regional Activities via e-mail with the public.These free updates include new reports, loan/credit approvals,and other initiatives.
Now I’m back (again!) to blogging because I was a bit amazed this morning been told that this blog is labeled #2 most influential blog in Malaysia.