Biometric in Every Home ?

It all started with the 1Malaysia Email initiative, announced by PM Dato Seri Najib. It triggered huge responses from all over.

It was later reviewed that this is a private initiative to be undertaken by Tricubes, a Malaysia based company focusing on security products and solutions such as biometric hardware and software.

Tricubes is not a startup. In my opinion, Tricubes has taken the right option in creating a new initiative. This may not be a permanent direction for a company with heavy rooting in the public sector,I can't be sure. However this can be a booster for the ever increasing competitive market, as this is contemporary.

Other media describes it as renewing a lifeline for the company.

The initiative will be funded by MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad)

If they succeeded, they would create the first phenomenon in Malaysia and APAC and probably the world where there is biometric in every home. This can be exciting and can potentially trigger more income opportunities for other enterprises.

For instance, with Biometic devices in every home in Malaysia, an average Malaysian would be accustomed with Biometric technology. This is similar to having a broadband router in every home and from our experience, we have purchased more routers, switches and network cards than our ancestors did.

I am not sure Tricubes would open up the API or not ? For third party applications to communicate with the Biometric devices, but I do know that this initiative is not possible without technical support.

Email is considered to be mission critical business application. What is mission critical ?
  • Communications (Email, voice and etc)
  • Money (finance, accounts and etc)
  • Energy (electricity, water and etc)
  • Security
  • Transportation
Mission critical applications are needed everyday in the operations of business entities and normal people's life.

I considered Tricubes to be role model for biometric oriented security system in Malaysia and I do believe that the success of this initiative will create new opportunities for others.


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