MSC Malaysia IPCC 2011

The MSC Malaysia IPCC is back! Targeted to unearth and enhance the capability of local talents in terms of the development of new intellectual property (IP) and to help spur the growth of the creative multimedia industry, this competition now opens until 8 August 2011.

This year will take an interesting turn as contestants are required to creatively express their work within the "Malaysiana" theme in 3 categories:
  1. Animation
  2. Casual Games
  3. Digital Interactive Comic
Important Facts:
  • This competition is open to both amateurs and professionals from the creative multimedia industry.
  • The theme for the Competition is "Malaysiana". All works submitted for the categories below must adhere to the the theme and incorporate Malaysian stories such as folklore, myth, legends or Malaysian elements such as places, culture, values and history in Malaysia.
  • Closing date : 8 August 2011
  • Contact: Ms. Shahrizan Mohd Sharif (MSC Malaysia Animation & Creative Content Centre (MaC3)). Email:
Check it out here.