Pikom PC Fair KL - 16 Apr 2011

Location = KLCC Convention Center

Check out the Kaspersky security campaign.

Bought a printer Canon MP 258 for RM 199 which I don't think it is any cheaper than non PC Fair prices; just that you are given some free gifts during PC fair. If you check out this URL, Canon recommends the selling price as RM 199 for good and bad days.

This is a better printer than my previous printer, at least it will not keep saying that the printer is out of paper (especially during first time test print). For one, I think that paper slot works better than paper tray.

It is a two (Printer + Scanner) in one hardware, with color print.

I recommend this printer for home usage.

Currently I am installing it on Windows XP PC and there is just one issue that I found, that is with the installation software. It auto selects the installation language based on 'Control-Panel\Regional and language options\Advanced\Language for non-unicode programs', which I think is not really desirable.

The language should be based on the default language of Windows.

What I really like about PC Fair is that it involves many human activities. It creates a lot of job opportunities for part timers and generates a lot of human interactions which is a blessing to complement today's world of digital age.

We have lost the pleasure of human interaction these days. Whenever we desire to buy something, especially computer stuffs, Amazon or eBay will always be the backup. Even though for Malaysia's Klang Valley folks, Lowyat and other digital malls may be a popular place to go, we have slowly forgot the feelings of receiving and providing mutual facial expressions when buying stuffs; thanks to the Internet, e-commerce and now the mobile wave.

In fact, activities in PC Fair are beginning to exhibit declining sincerity in such concerns, people are rushing and pushing to close sales. Gentle greetings, smiles and personal conveying are fast replaced by mundane shouts, push for sales and even to certain extends of inconvenient anger. It is however that PC Fair strives to put human touch into the fast moving computer industry. And I am thankful for that.

For those workers of either real executives or part timers, they have worked hard and I know they have tried their best and I think they have earned their efforts. We should be grateful to have them manning the fair.

I came to know some theories relating to having successful business, that a thriving business requires constant human-oriented movement. For instance, restaurants exhibiting chefs cooking real-time in front of the crowd will tend to generate more interests that those having close door kitchens. In fact, there are many explanations to such practice, however, according to some sources, it should generate more sales. People just love to see human acts.

Therefore, on that note, PC Fair should keep going because that is most important.