Brocade's Strategy To Enable Cloud Computing Adoption

We have known Brocade for being the core player in SAN switch, collaborating with other entities such as EMC for SAN storage devices.

For many years since it was first founded, Brocade core competencies were SAN networking technology and fibre channel technology, collectively considered to belong to data center technology.

In year 2008, Brocade acquired Foundry Networks to capitalize on its IP based network technology (Ethernet switches and routers).

With this acquisition, Brocade was able to move up the value chain by providing a complete set of networking technology from physical layer, networking layer up to application layer as determined by the OSI. It was a good move and Brocade's business progresses greatly thereafter.

Going back to its inception, Brocade has been market leader in terms of research and development of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology as well as their own firmware known as Fabric OS running on its ASIC based chipset. This gives them industrial edge over competitors.

The current version of Fabric OS is Fabric OS 6.x which supports Virtual Fabrics-capable while for its ASIC chipset, it is GoldenEye 2.

According to Gina Tan (Director, Regional Sales South East Asia), Brocade was the first company in the industry to introduce cloud computing readiness for networking technology, namely its VCS technology.

Cloud computing is the biggest trend in the ICT industry as at for now.

Their biggest selling point and competency is Brocade Complete SP Solution;cloud ready from service provider CORE-TO-EDGE, which is targeting service providers such as telecommunication providers.

The idea is this.

From provider core to metro aggregation, deploy Brocade MLX Series with 100 GbE and 8X10 GbE.

From metro to access, deploy NetIron CER, NetIron CES and Brocade 6910.

And if you are not a service provider, all you really need is to start with VDX 6720 Ethernet fabric switches to help you with step by step, seamless, hassle free, plug and play deployment for cloud optimized network adoption.

Brocade's strategy to help companies to adopt cloud optimized network lies in its Brocade One's CloudPlex Architecture; an open standard architecture for cloud optimized computer network architecture. The CloudPlex supports open standards such as OpenFlow and OpenStack. What this means is that if you are a CIO or network architect for data centers, be it private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud, you need to make a decision on the next step (direction), and hence you should consult CloudPlex.

In other words, Brocade is the leader and the guru for cloud optimized network and they know what is best. You should consult them for 'free'.

On Mar 2011, Brocade announced a $100 million evaluation program to assist enterprises with cloud optimized network adoption. This evaluation program will cover sample products, workshops, knowledgebase seminars around the APAC region.

Check out details.

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