The Changing of Media World

I was manually copying a news from The Sun (printed hard copy) newspaper about an extract on a business news.

Then I paused for a while to think about my stupidity as to why I have to do it since there should be other similar contents out there in the Internet, I just need to Google it. (Yes Google, not others). So, I went on to Google it and found many and checked on the first link and decided to go back to copy typing instead.

Why ? Because the the article printed on The Sun (printed hard copy) is much simpler, precise and shorter to read.

This triggers a thought about a few things on media, blogging and the Internet.

Almost majority of the contents out there are repetitive and they contain repetitive facts and figures.

Printed media can still strive on the art of writing and presentation of each authors of the articles, that is a fact. That is why, it is important that printed media's content must be more properly governed and presented. This gives its uniqueness.

When it comes to online media, everything is possible and accepted.

With the ability to copy and paste and better technology of semantic and pattern matching, it is no longer a necessity to present information (which are mostly repetitive) in a beautiful manner, since the information can also be found from other web sites or blogs right ?

So, the rise of smart phones and tablet PCs is definitely going to phase out printed media to a greater extend, coupled with the 'green' initiative to save the world, printed media needs to revise it strategy; I am not sure how. While the prices of smart phones and tablet PCs are still pretty much luxury in certain ways, there are still enough time for proper arrangement and settlement.

The characteristic of future media would definitely paint a less personality-oriented content world, where personal taste of words and style of writings are very likely going to be less appreciative and sidelined.

It may be possible that bloggers will become agents of first source of information and large media companies (with professional journalists) are going to become the content aggregator, providing analysts and submitting the well presented information to larger audience.

It is not happening now yet because the trend is not there yet, and probably such technology is still under R & D. However, I think the largest factor is when consumers control their own content aggregations, by having subscribed to software services which will aggregate information according to consumers' preferences and liking. In a way, this will be a challenge to media companies of losing target audience to so called software services.

This ushers the social media age.

Bloggers or independent content providers will need to focus on two things (to stay relevant):
  1. Producing breaking news contents
  2. Producing unique,localized or personalized contents as source
  3. Support technology platform standards for content aggregations.
Like it or not, the advertisement industry is very matured and saturated. Google is controlling a huge stake in the advertisement industry, and likewise, I think they are already getting ready for such scenario.

Bloggers in its smallest unit, are just going to become part of the ecosystem that feeds original content.

Media companies need to invest into technology, software team on top of its legions of journalists.

Nevertheless, I still have preference for printed news paper for different occasions especially when it it not related to business. Newspaper makes a good companion at places where having high tech gadgets is not recommended and also it can be used for cleaning the windows and for wrapping vegetable.