Full Iasa Members Get Lucid Chart!

As you know our whole job is to make sure you are taken care of in your career. We are proud to announce that your membership just reached a whole new level. Architecture is hard enough with just you and your team but now with the help of Lucid Chart we can connect you to a world of pre-built architectures, meta-models, and patterns. We will be inviting guest lecturers, thought leaders and more to put their models and pre-built architectures into our design library and are making it available to you. You and your team need to do a quick design session but everyone is distributed, CHAT is built right in! Want to share your brilliant new design with the world, publish it to the Iasa Team Account or to the public? Post your architectures as pdfs, images, and more. The account is worth $100 a year and you get it free!

And there is more to come. Next week we will be announcing a brand new tool for Iasa members to stay in touch with a global network.

If you aren't a member their couldn't be a better time to join (www.iasaglobal.org).

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