Sourcefire Expands IPS Solutions Portfolio, Adding Firepower™ to the Industry’s Leading Protection

Sourcefire, Inc., the creator of Snort® and a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced that it has expanded its IPS solutions portfolio on three fronts with:
  • Sourcefire IPSx – A streamlined, easy-to-manage IPS
  • Sourcefire 4.10 software release – Enhanced awareness and 3rd party interoperability for the Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS)
  • Sourcefire 8000 Series Appliances – A modular and scalable high-speed platform powered by new FirePOWER™ technology for enterprise customers.
Ivan Wen, Country Manager Sourcefire (Malaysia), “Intrusion Prevention Systems play an integral role in protecting businesses against today’s most sophisticated threats, and Sourcefire is continuing to address customers’ critical scalability, performance and protection requirements with the expansion of its IPS portfolio.”

“By offering simplicity, sophistication and performance, Sourcefire is providing customers with flexible capabilities appropriate for the unique threats facing individual networks,” said Charles Kolodgy, research VP at IDC.

With today’s announcement, businesses with varying security requirements and network complexity can choose from a range of Sourcefire solutions to enhance their protection, including:

Sourcefire IPSx – A Streamlined IPS Solution for New Markets and Customers

For companies with specific security or compliance requirements, but who may not have a dedicated security team, Sourcefire IPSx offers an intuitive GUI that simplifies IPS implementation and management. This new solution is ideal for channel distribution and addresses needs in many emerging international markets. Sourcefire IPSx will all be available in early May 2011 starting from USD 13,000.

Sourcefire IPS 4.10 – Enhanced Awareness and 3rd-Party Interoperability

Sourcefire has enhanced key capabilities of its existing IPS and NGIPS solutions. The latest version adds increased application awareness, improved GUI performance and added detection for key applications including Facebook, Windows Media Player, Google Toolbar, as well as Apple, Android and Blackberry mobile devices. The Sourcefire IPS 4.10 is available immediately.

New 8000 Series Appliances with FirePOWER – Modularity, Scalability and Performance

The Sourcefire 8000 Series appliances set a new standard for IPS hardware, addressing enterprise requirements for flexible configurations, lower entry prices, and faster processing of network data. At the heart of the new 8000 Series appliances lies the breakthrough FirePOWER acceleration technology, providing market leading performance with lower power consumption, and a universal security architecture that will be able to support a range of Sourcefire security solutions. The new hardware provides users with up to 40Gbps of throughput and over 20Gbps of real-world IPS protection. In addition, based on the 8000 Series scalable design, the new hardware will be stackable to deliver 80Gbps of throughput and more than 50Gbps of protection. With this unmatched performance, the world’s most accurate IPS is now also the world’s fastest.

The new 8000 Series appliances also offer interface modularity, allowing customers the flexibility to choose and expand the number and type of ports to suit their needs today and in the future. As part of the 8000 Series set of network modules, Sourcefire is introducing the industry’s first 40Gbps security interface, which is expected to be available later in 2011. Sourcefire 8000 Series appliances will all be available in early May 2011.

“As an update to our 2010 IPS Group Test, NSS tested the Sourcefire 8260 IPS appliance and it achieved in excess of 27 gigabits of real-world performance,” said Vik Phatak, Chief Technology Officer, NSS Labs, Inc. “Based on these results, the 8260 is the fastest IPS we have tested to date and has the lowest per megabit cost we have calculated.”

“With the exciting additions to Sourcefire’s IPS portfolio, and enhancements to the core technology, we are confident that we have the top offerings for Malaysian enterprises to implement the exact solution to fit their configuration, price and performance requirements,” ends Ivan Wen.


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