Apple WWDC 2011 Summaries

Check out the full keynote address while it is still available.

As always, Apple's keynotes are the best product marketing events in the whole world.

It can be long winded although it is entertaining to watch it. So let me give you a summary on it.

1. Updates about Mac:
  • 54 m active mac users.
  • Mac grew 28% last quarter.
  • Mac OS X - 10 years old. Based on Unix.
2. Mac OS X Lion.

10 Key Features:
  1. Multi-Touch Gestures
  2. Full Screen Apps - On demand full screen
  3. Mission Control - Dynamic console mode
  4. Mac App Store - becomes the number 1 PC software sales channel n the Internet.
  5. Laundpad - Shortcuts in a glance
  6. Resume - remembers your last working instance
  7. Auto save
  8. Versions - automatic version, manual snapshots, efficient storage, only shared the current version
  9. Airdrop - sharing (peer to peer WiFi? based)
  10. Mail - conversation, search

The cost of Mac OS X Lion - US $29.99, to be available in July 2011.

3. iOS:

Updates on iOS:
  • Sold over 200 millions iOS devices.
  • 44% of market share
  • 25 millions iPad sold in first 14 months
  • iTunes music store - sold 15 billions songs
  • iBookstore - 130 million ebooks downloaded
  • Appstore - 425,000 apps
iOS 5 10 Key Features:
  1. Notifications - Notification center (single place to get all your notifications and for history viewing)
  2. Newsstand
  3. Twitter - single sign on, integration with apps.
  4. Safari - reader, reading list, tab browsing
  5. Reminders
  6. Camera - Short cut button on the lock-out screen Grid lines pinch to zoom AE/AF Lock Edit your phone directly
  7. Mail - Rich text formatting, flag message, search entire message,swipe to inbox,S/MIME
  8. PC Free - Setup and activate your device right on your device. Software updates OTA Delta updates OTA - just download what's changed.
  9. Game center -50 million game center users Achievement points Friends of friends Friend discovery Games recommendation Games download Turn-based games
  10. iMessage - messaging service (for iOS devices). Delivery receipts,read receipts, typing indication, pushed to all devices, 3G+WiFi, encrypted

4. iCloud

10 years ago, PC would become your digital hub of your digital life.

Now, the PC and Mac will just become a device. The new digital hub is iCloud.

Everything is sync. automatically in the iCloud ecosystem. Contacts, calendar, mail becomes iCloud apps and is now free, totally replaced 'MobileMe'.

There are 6 More iCloud apps included in the ecosystem.

Appstore,iBooks,backup (automatically backups everything to the cloud) , iWorks (pages, numbers, keynotes), iPhoto (photos stream) and iTunes.

5. Conclusion:
  • Apple made the iOS camera features better
  • iOS5 supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad2, iPhone (3rd and 4th generation)
  • For iCloud, it just going to work automatically. 'MobileMe' didn't work that well and it is obsolete now.
  • Using iCloud, there is no more files concept, everything is managed by applications, just like how mail manages the email files.
  • iCloud will store your photos in photo stream (temp storage for photo) for 30 days. Devices store your last 1000 photos. You need to manually save those photos to your device permanently, by saving it to album.