The Coming Trends of Shopping

Some says social media is the answer to every business problems now, that is it the savior.

So, basically every business person is a sales person. And I would think that social media is just part of it, honestly I wouldn't want to add to my contacts sales men that I do not know personally, at least those I haven't met.

The reason we watch YouTube ? Because we want to check out famous person and news, not really to check out the normal guys at your neighborhood. For me, I want to check out how Roger Federer played his last matches, or who David Letterman interviewed or the speeches of Bill Gates,MTVs of Taylor Smith and etc. I wouldn't want to watch Tan Ah Chong playing tennis... well maybe just sometimes.

In most cases, we checked out YouTube for copyrighted contents. YouTube would scrutiny through the contents and would regularly remove copyrighted contents, but that is what we wanted.

I think the future trend of shopping is financial planning as priority while other factors are less important.

The society at large is facing a growing dilemma, that is our income is getting vulnerable. The gaps between rich and poor is ever bigger.

Thanks to a recent research, 39% of wealth is owned by 1% of the population of the world and this means that 99% of people are working for 1% of people in the population or that 61% of economy is dependent on 39% of growth.

By all means, majority of people are over spending their money to adopt lifestyles and technologies.

So, the future is about smart spending money and still we want to adopt lifestyles and thus we will only buy the best of deals.

Shopping concept exhibited by Groupon, DealMates and even the upcoming Google Offers are definitely going to rocket high.

The casualty will be uncompetitive brands of products and services.

So, that is the upcoming trend but I strongly believe that it isn't the best deal yet.

I think that balance should be brought about to ease tensions and we need to create more competition for bigger brands and introduce diversity to the economy.