Finding Best Deals

Refer to 'GroupOn', 'Google's Offers', 'DealMates', 'MilkADeal','MyDeal' and etc. They all have one thing in common, selling coupons for cheap best deals. If I missed out anything, please drop in the comments.

In the most basic theory, how it works is that these coupon sellers will make deals with businesses (merchandisers) to buy merchandises in bulk for a big margin and then resell out the merchandises via electronic coupon. The enabler is online and everything is made online (searching, payment and etc), except that you have to print out the coupon and go to the actual location of the merchandisers to get your discounted merchandise.

Cool right ? So, consumers get to save a lot of money; up to even 90%.

This is for sure an emerging shopping trends happening in Malaysia.

I agree to such trends because our economy is not getting any better, and this is a time of owning. With stagnant incomes, consumers and society at large are finding it harder to cope with maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Having such concept of contemporary lifestyle can definitely ease a lot of pains, especially when one have to juggle between what is needed and what is wanted ? Thus, I guess trade off will always favor the needed and hence we should perhaps satisfy ourselves with what's wanted from such coupon sellers.

Even our PM thinks that Malaysian should strive to buy cheaper products and went on to initiate the idea of '1Malaysia grocery stores'

The real reason that I like about such contemporary lifestyle is that it will reduce the gap between rich and poor. Surely, when people start savings, there will be some casualties and perhaps if we could minimize the amount of credit cards usage, as well as slow down explosions of unnecessary spending, I harbor high hopes that things will get less stressful out there; from all walks of life.

Should try to capitalize this trends which will put marketing managers into a lot of thinking.

Just think about the day when we can buy petrol in bulks. Anyone ???

And even better, when we've saved enough, we will have more cash to buy a bigger and fuel efficient car so that we can buy cheaper homes outside the Klang Valley,all by avoiding paying too much interests to financial institutions.

Trust me dude, such deal is not bad.

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