Streamyx - Suddenly Not Able to Surf

If you subscribed to the package of Streamyx Internet broadband and happily surfing your ways to the Internet for all sort of contents, particularly video streaming contents such as YouTube, you may sometimes encounter sudden drop in connectivity.

To deal with this, manually assign DNS to your network adapters (LAN or Wireless LAN) instead of relying on dynamic DNS.

The DNS for streamyx are:
The connection speed will come back alive after this.

Such scenario seldom happens to corporate package.

You can test it out.

Try to set the DNS setting to your wireless LAN adapter while LAN adapter remain unchanged.

You will notice that you can surf with wireless LAN but not with LAN.

The router is the same, never rebooted.

This usually happens after long hour of surfing with large amount of data (i.e after viewing videos on

  1. If you are not using TMNet's Streamyx, check with your telco for the proper DNS settings.
  2. Remember to change the DNS settings back to dynamic when you perform surfing at other places such as your office or at other public WiFi locations. As the matter of fact, Starbucks is also using Streamyx.