Tap Into, Not Hope For Big

Refer to Tap into African market.

I still remember that some 10 years ago, everybody was hoping that China will be the the next gold mine. In fact, people are so convinced that they called it the next war. It is almost like the California Gold Rush.

All sorts of businesses had strategies to move into China and grab a big one, to tap on its huge population potential and low cost of living (I suppose). That period came and went. Surely some people had made it bigger or big and some didn't.

After China, it was the Middle East where people were keen to tap on its 'rich' resources. That came and went as well.

Now, if you ask me where is the next gold mine ? , I wouldn't know either. Some says Vietnam because it has like 70 million population while others think Indonesia. However, all of these expectations are slowly taking shapes. Patience is one thing, what about survival ?

So now, Africa seems to have something to offer.

Malaysia's annual trade figure with Africa is US$7.8bil (RM27.3bil).

I feel that the next gold mine is what we are having right now, the open market via the Internet.. I don't know about the next gold mine, but I know that the current gold mine is what we are having right now, the open market via the Internet.

This is a time (period) of ownership, people can't wait to own things. There is no time for waiting.

As a result, this period is not a comfortable one.

Next gold mine ? Outer space ?