Google Apps Script vs Google Gadget API

Core Ideas:
  • Google Apps Script is similar to Microsoft VBA (which is based on vbscript) for Google Apps products, which is based on Javascript.
  • Google Gadget API, a gadget is like Java Applet.
Both are development API (Application Programming Interface) for developers.

Google Apps Scripts is not a run time by itself, it is scripting. Google Gadget is a run time by itself, it is a web application to be hosted on a server. You can host it with Google Code:

  • Google Apps Scripts: Perform automation within Google Apps products. For instance, to search for a particular page within a Google Site.
  • Google Gadget API: Retrieve contents from external into Google Sites such as displaying blog contents from blogspot in Google Site or displaying photo slides from Facebook in Google Site.
Development tools:
  1. Google Gadgets
    • Google Gadget Editor (available from iGoogle page of your Google account)
    • Or a combination of text editor and Subversion (version control) software.
  2. Google Apps Script
    Apps Script editor of each Google Apps product (such as Google Site,Google Doc Spreadsheet and etc)

  • Google Gadgets can be hosted in other environment.
  • Google Apps scripts only run in Google Apps Product's environment.
  • If you want to customize Google Apps Product, make use of Google Apps Script.
  • If you want to perform link external software with Google Apps Product, make use of Google Gadgets API.

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Can Gadget API used for Mobile App
Brandon Teoh said…

I don't have direct experience. But assuming you are using PhoneGap to develop a mobile app.

I would think that it is possible to invoke Google Gadget API by referencing the Gadgets XML Reference.
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