LucidChart July 2011 Updates

Updated features on LucidChart.
  1. Real-Time Collaboration
  2. Templates and Examples in the Community Library
  3. Touch draw basic shapes and connectors
  4. Enhance your diagrams with more advanced gradients
  5. Crop uploaded images
  6. Document management system.
    • All documents which were ‘tagged’ in the old document system can now be found in folders of the same name.
    • Files and folders can be seamlessly dragged between the left and middle panes for quick sorting. Also, simply double-click a document or folder in the middle pane to open it.
    • Templates can be used to make new documents or be converted back into documents.
    • Right-clicking a file or folder also opens a quick menu to delete or rename it.

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Matthew said…
Having this function greatly enhances the user experience in DMS, giving them a better navigation within the system.

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