Prepaid Broadband Comparison Chart (Malaysia)

All information are taken and interpreted from reference sites and other relevant public sources and hence it accuracy may vary at the pleasure of the vendors with date and time elapses.

Prepaid means pay per use. However, in this scenario, there is a catch it comes with terms and conditions.

Check out the following table.

Brand Starter Kit Data Rate: Data Cap: Reload Access Validity: Misc Reference
UMobile M-Broadband Plan MB68 (Price RM135 with 5GB for 30 Days,Modem Included) Not specified 2GB RM 40 for 30 Days Pay per use,but limited to days Url
Celcom Celcom Broadband Prepaid Data Only Starter Pack (RM12.50 and it comes preloaded with RM10 airtime without Modem) Up to 512kbps 1.5 GB RM 50 for 30 Days Pay per use,but limited to days Url1, Url2
Maxis Starter kit: Maxis Prepaid Internet Starter Kit (RM 138, Modem included with 4 days access for 2GB) Not specified 1.5 GB RM 58 for 30 Days Pay per use,but limited to days Url
DiGi Each starter kit cost RM25; preloaded with 5 days data access (without modem) Download: 384 kbps (within Turbo 3G™ Coverage), Upload: 128kbps 3 GB monthly RM 100 for 100 Days Pay per use, but limited to days Url
YTL Yes 4G Go. (Dongle = RM 99, Registration fee=RM 50) Not specified (expected to be 4G) Depending on reload amount RM 30 for 1GB Pay per use, RM 30 per month commitment, carry forward Url


All require some forms of commitments (most of it in the form of access validity based on days), it is different from your prepaid mobile phone account where if you do not pay, you can still receive call. In this manner, if you do not top up when your quota is dried up or when access validity expired, the data rate is zero.

Even for DiGi, which offers 100 days (3 months) access validity, has a data cap of 3GB monthly. This means that you can use for 3 months but with maximum of 3 GB for each of the months.

Some of it didn't provide you with modem but with SIM card, you need to get your own modem either using your laptop directly or using your mobile phone.

My choice ?

I haven't tried any of it yet. Since all of it requires some forms of monthly commitment, I would either go for DiGi or Yes. The most economical is actually UMobile's offering; can try that as well.

DiGi is good because if you pay RM 100, you can use it for about more than 3 months (100 days) without worrying about reload for the coming two months. And in this sense, it is the cheapest reload compare to others.

As for YTL Yes, according to dealer, if monthly commitment is missed, certain conditions applied. Please refer to Yes for more details.

Your choice ?

In economical sense, if you have budget of RM 50 to RM 100, you should opt for postpaid packages instead of prepaid. This is more for backup plan,ad-hoc usage as well as for visiting foreigners' convenience.

P/s: Before you sign up, check with your vendors for all relevant terms and conditions, particularly regarding the penalty for lapsed top-up.


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