Dell Dwells Into Cloud Computing Business

Refer to 'Dell Completes Acquisition of Data Center Networking Leader Force10 Networks'

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Dell's Virtual Network Services Infrastructure is a solution targeting enterprise IT market.

It is a cloud computing product.

Essentially, it is an infrastructured as a service (IaaS) product where it allows customers to make use of cloud computing infrastructure on pay for rent basis.

Cloud computing has made such possibility possible.

Force10 Networks was famous for developing Enthernet switches which is based on the Force10 Operating System (FTOS). FTOS is based on the NetBSD.

Recently, it launches the Force10 One Automation Framework to address virtualization for data center. It consists of 4 technologies 1.) JumpStart, 2.)SmartScripts (supports Perl and Python), 3.)Hyperlink and 4) SwitchLink.

The whole enterprise market is going full force on cloud computing and looks like if you are not, it is time to take serious attention. This reminds me a day (some years ago) when I told a friend I wanted to do something like YouTube, and he told me "who is going to watch your video ?". Ya right, they are not, they are going to watch "Lady Gaga.." : D

It is now possible to rent an unlimited data center complete with integrated security and management tools. The question to ask is, 1.) Do you really want to own your virtual servers, what are the pros and cons ? 2.) How cheaper it is for me to rent virtual servers, what other pros and cons ?

It is also interesting to take note that companies like Dell are forced to take alternative routes to sell more hardware such as servers.

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