Free Cloud Hosting For Java EE6 Using OpenShift

Refer to 'Red Hat is First to Deliver Java EE6 via Platform-as-a-Service with OpenShift'

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RedHat is famous for its licensed Linux based operating system for both server and desktop. It targets the enterprise market.

Jave EE (Enterprise Edition) is a software development platform based on Java which focuses on web based architecture. During the early days, only enterprise level software are web based capability, while normal software are considered to be standard edition.

Java EE is now in its 6th edition. Since the 2nd edition (J2EE), it is now more than 10 years.

OpenShift is a cloud computing platform provided by RedHat which offers developers free software development and deployment platform for web based application. In other words, it is a free platform as a service (PaaS).

OpenShift is the first to provide Java EE 6 in the Cloud. This is really cool stuff!

OpenShift is something like Windows Azure.

So now you can deploy Java web based application on the cloud using OpenShift for free. It is actually similar to Google App Engine.

I am not too sure how free is free, but what RedHat is trying to achieve is "aimed at allowing enterprises to transition their existing Java EE applications and skills to the cloud with zero friction." Once this is able to achieve, enterprise will be more willing to adopt cloud computing technology such as RedHat Enterprise virtualization; which is cloud enable solution based on its RedHat Enterprise Linux platform.

This will translate into more sales for RedHat Enterprise Linux platform.

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MisYahd said…
Developers often choose free softwares for cloud computing platform provided by RedHat which is also called OpenShift. If free and works perfectly under heavy load of data center.