Intel Creates Ultrabook Concept to Compete

Refer to 'Intel Capital Creates $300 Million Ultrabook Fund'

Refer to the Editor's summary.

Ultrabook is a term from Intel which defines a new class of 'PC' that is a cross between laptop and tablet; for the best of both world.

The first 'Ultrabook' in the market is Apple's Mac Book Air, but that is not for the 'PC' market which is pretty much Microsoft Windows based.

Ultrabook concept promises better battery life, thinner physical casing and enhanced storage capacity.

One of the primary driver of the Ultrabook concept is through the introducation of Intel's latest 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors which is to be followed by 'Ivy Bridge' processor series (in 2012) and 'Haswell' series (in 2013)

It suggests that Ultrabook is meant for PC (Windows based) market to compete with Apple's gadget particularly the MacBook Air. Also, I think netbook will be phased out soon, due to the fact that tablets has gained prominence.

Right now, if you want to buy 'Air' book, Apple MacBook is the choice, and if you want to buy tablet, iPad seems like the first choice. The only thing PC can compete is laptop or netbook. However, remember that Steve Jobs once said netbook is a result trade off of many things? Laptop is heavy and slow to boot up, so probably you should wait for Ultrabook if you are waiting for Window based tablet.


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