Small Boys vs Big Boys Theory

Refer to Google Buys Motorola Mobility.

--> Acquisition and consolidation, big boys consolidate money.

Refer to When Government Have Got Not Enough Money.

--> Public sector ran out of funds, small boys gain opportunities.

In other words, the near-future money for big boys are in the consumer. And the near-future money for small boys are in public sectors.

Bear in mind that private sector is consolidating, I understand (as a consumer) that Hong Leong Bank has recently acquired Eon Bank in Malaysia. There isn't going to be increasing number of big clients in the private sectors. Customers in the private sectors who can pay will always going for the best solutions, to survive in that arena, you have got to be the no.1 such as SAP AG.

And for security and business competition reasons, private sector may not regard open source as the ultimate solution even for lower cost.

However, what about smaller private companies ? It tends to be more consumer oriented, it will go for bigger brands for the mass market.

So, public sector, private sector and consumer sector, the overlaps are getting smaller.

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