Software Quality Vs Business Quality Software Development

Inspired by Automated software quality metrics a cure for slapdash software? which describes that Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) is developing standards to evaluate software quality.

It is not happening yet, however the article argues that current trends and culture tends towards achieving business quality; fast to market with user oriented features.

Such is made best practice by software big brother Microsoft which sells software license and would make up for trade-offs in terms of bugs and issues via software updates. It is the best practice now and I believe it is a practical thing to do.

What CISQ is trying to achieve is to denounce this as the de-facto and preaches that deployed software should have as little issues as possible hence reducing the needs for updates which can happen very frequently.

It is a question between ideals and business.

My experience with software development tells me that the best solution to any logical problem is to think of an ideal solution, even though it may not be the most straight forward and optimized. However, following an ideal solution may lead to longer coding duration and hence will introduce more stresses into a project.

More so, an ideal solution for now may not be an ideal solution later. Nevertheless, an ideal solution should conform towards generality; means applicable to a larger thinkable boundary of the problems we are trying to solve.

Using software development life cycle analogy, CISQ is trying to create the ultimate waterfall software development life cycle while SCRUM agile development life cycle is what largely being regarded as best practice for today's business oriented software development culture.

In fact, most of us are doing SCRUM without we realizing it.


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