10 Reasons Your DSL Broadband Connection Cuts In and Out

by Laura Backes
  1. Distance : distance between your home and the telephone exchange
  2. Equipment at the exchange
  3. The Contention ratio - is based on speed of your package
  4. Equipment at home
  5. Broadband contract
  6. Phone line
  7. Extension sockets
  8. Junction boxes
  9. Trees
  10. Other wireless components

The DSL (digital subscriber line) technology is the common technology for broadband Internet. ADSL (asymmetric DSL) technology is the most commonly available and is used by Streamyx and etc. Asymmetric means the download and upload speed is different for the same package.

As a Streamyx user, I find that a common problem with Internet interruption happens after 'over usage'. The solution is to manually assign the DNS settings if DHCP setting had been used. This is only common to home package user.

Other common issues are usually equipment faulty at both ends (users and providers) and also occasionally, we may experience bottleneck at the International gateway sometimes due to cable faulty.

On the general, slow Internet connection to consumers is attributed to the limited bandwidth at the International gateway. Efforts are being made to address this issue, which consist of:
  • Local caching of popular contents - TM actually has arrangement with Microsoft and Youtube to cache popular contents locally, so that traffic will not be routed to the International gateway too often.
  • Making use of the eight local nodes made available by MyIX
  • Setup of a new consortium (Konsortium Rangkaian Serantau Sdn Bhd) consists of all ISP powerhouse to collectively purchase more International bandwidth at a lower cost.