Government Must Improve Malaysia's Global Competitiveness

Refer to 'Dr Chua: Govt must continue to improve M'sia's global competitiveness'.

I am 100% agree with MCA President Datuk Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

The biggest problem with the financial situation of Malaysia is not that the consumer are spending too much money or that they are reckless in terms of spending.

Do we want to suggest that Malaysian cut spending on insurance coverage so that they don't have to use more of their credit cards ?

The way I see it from an entrepreneur or business man point of view, the biggest problem is that Malaysian are not earning enough money to cope with today's ideal living lifestyle. And the root of that cause is because Malaysia's businesses are not able to compete well enough in the regional and global arena to reap enough profit to reward back the employees.

Malaysia must produce more home grown international companies and smaller business must strive to acquire more global markets.

And please, better quality education for ALL Malaysian, as much as what you need for your 1Malaysia initiative.

Worth a thought.