SAP to Acquire 3-D Visualization Software Maker Right Hemisphere

Refer to this article from Enterprise IT News.

Right Hemisphere is a company which provides Visual Enterprise Solutions.

Visual Enterprise Solutions provides 3D visualization, collaboration and publishing solutions to the enterprise.

It primarily targets the manufacturing industry to enable visualization of manufacturing process right from design to production to sales and marketing.

It supports Windows platform.

This is very interesting.

What we learn from SAP until now ?

  1. Keep your product elite and charge premium prices.
  2. Make sure you keep growing your product, create a suite out of it and keep adding modules. From Archeology module to Zoology module.

Ya. That simple, just three things.

1.) Stand out in the market, 2.) sell and make money and 3.) never stop innovating. I haven't heard from a company which can sell product which the innovation stopped 10 years ago, but then again, maybe there are exceptions.