Silver Peak's VXOA (Virtual Acceleration Open Platform)

Refer to this link from Enterprise IT News.

VXOA (Virtual Acceleration Open Platform) is an virtualized platform for WAN optimization.

WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for increasing data-transfer efficiencies across wide-area networks.

It targets data center and enterprise market segment.

Common WAN Optimization techniques include:

1.) Deduplication
2.) Compression
3.) Latency optimization
4.) Caching/proxy
5.) Forward error correction
6.) Protocol spoofing
7.) Traffic shaping.
8.) Equalizing
9.) Connection limits
10.) Simple rate limits

VXOA differentiation with other similar product is it deploys virtualization technique as well.

In short, VXOA is a platform which sits on top of virtual machines and connects Silver Peak's WAN optimization product to these virtual machines and other external 3rd party applications (such as reporting tools).