Sourcefire Announces ‘AGILE SECURITY’ Vision: Moving IT Security Solutions Beyond Static Defenses

Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, unveils its Agile SecurityTM vision that emphasizes the need for more informed, adaptive, and automated security solutions to protect today's dynamic IT environments from constantly changing threats.

IT security threats today can be extremely complex and unpredictable, and have been able to bypass traditional ‘static’ security which is not designed for rapidly moving IT resources, users, applications, devices and systems.

‘Agile Security’ aims to address today’s ‘dynamic’ threat environment through four essential tenets:

  1. See. Traditional IT security solutions are often blind to the threats to their network environment. An agile approach provides clarity and vision to reflect actual ‘threat’ reality faced by the business.
  2. Learn. Apply intelligence to IT security to improve understanding and decision-making.
  3. Adapt. Automatic modification of the enterprise network’s IT security defense to better respond to the threats faced.
  4. Act. Able to provide decisive, flexible and automated responses to threat events.

Sourcefire’s Agile Security ties together an organization’s entire security infrastructure, from network-to-endpoint, and continuously loops through this network-to-endpoint process in real-time so as to reduce the time gap between occurrence of a threat/ attack event and when action is taken.

Most of today’s security infrastructure is ‘static’. This means that security policies are mostly defined in advanced, and for IT infrastructure and business relationships that are relatively ‘unchanging’ or ‘unmoving’. However a‘static’ IT security infrastructure is becoming an inhibitor to dynamic business needs, and is not effectively to support an environment that has multisources (of data) and virtualized (ie. leveraging abstract IT resources). Traditional solutions lack the agility required to successfully defend today’s rapidly changing IT environments against modern threats

John Burris, CEO of Sourcefire says “We live in a world of surprise, and thus need IT security solutions that are agile enough to learn and adapt to network changes, vulnerabilities and threats as they happen.”

“With Agile Security, Sourcefire is defining a more effective approach for organizations to protect themselves against today’s security realities. With the industry’s most accurate detection and powerful automation, Sourcefire provide its users with unparallel production for their business IT networks.”

Sourcefire customers, in some of the most demanding computing environments in the world, have demonstrated how Agile Security elevates overall defense of their organizations. For more information, download the Agile Security white paper from