Tablets – Fad or Here to Stay?

Tablets – Fad or Here to Stay?

Since the birth of the iPad, every week it seems like a different company is releasing their version of the tablet. And understandably so, right now they are the hot technology item to buy. They’re a smartphone-laptop cocktail, combining ingredients from both to concoct their own version of the two technologies all wrapped into one smooth device. But are tablets here for the long haul or just for the right now?

Tablet v. Smartphone

If you think about it, the tablet is a massive version of the smartphone. They both utilize the same sort of look and feel: rectangular, touch screen, high speed internet, endless apps… the main difference being that the tablet is much bigger, giving the user a little more ease when it comes to looking things up, reading on the screen, and doing general tasks such as typing. Except for the whole talking on the phone thing; you don’t really see anyone picking up their tablet to answer a call, and if you did, think about what a ridiculously huge phone that would be! This alone makes it hard for the tablet to overtake the smartphone, seeing as we are a nation that is addicted to our smartphones and being connected 24-7.

Tablet v. Laptop

It’s hard to guess which option is more ideal here. The tablet has obvious perks – one being that we are obsessed with touchscreens and emerging technology. We always want the latest and greatest. Another is how portable the tablet is with its sleeker design and the ease with which you can toss it into whatever bag or backpack you may currently be carrying. On the other hand, laptops have the advantage of the keyboard and more sophisticated software (for now, at least). And while you can buy a keyboard to connect to your tablet, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Then you’re just morphing it into a laptop…
Suffice it to say, it will be interesting to see if the tablet technology continues to improve and prevail or if it’s just a fad that fizzles out faster than hypercolor clothes and taking care of a pet rock did.

Laura Backes

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