VMware Workstation vs VMWare vSphere

Refer to this link from Enterprise IT News.

The VMWare vSphere is a virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures.

Its core purpose is to manage virtualized computing infrastructure known as virtual machines which is pretty much virtualized operating system.

The core two layers of vSphere are 1.) Infrastructure services 2.) Application services.

Infrastructure services are referring to 3 core components 1.) Compute, 2.) Storage 3.) Network

Application services are referring to 3 core components 1.) Availability, 2.) Security, 3.) Scalability.

It is actually an operating system by itself, providing a infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service(PaaS) product combination for the cloud computing arena.

Other products that are directly related to vSphere are 1.) vSphere Hypervisor, vCould Director, vCenter Server, vSphere Automation Tools vFabric Hyperic. All of which can be deployed collectively or individually on site. The vSphere is the foundation of all.

VMWare vSphere is a server-based product and it targets the data center industry and private cloud (for small business, SME and enterprise).

VMware Workstation is a desktop version of VMWare's virtualization platform. It can be used to run cloud computing (virtual machines) on PC and can be configured as server services as well. However, it is not meant for server and data center with its limited functionality.

VMware Workstation 8 now allows better integration with vSphere.


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