Cloud Computing Products And Services # 1

Cloud computing is going to be the industry's biggest makeshift and opportunity now and near future. Everybody is crazy about it and it is like the iPhone for the consumer market.

It is crazy.

Almost every technology vendors are launching cloud optimized products and solutions. Virtualization, scalable, fabric and etc, you name it. It all means the same thing.

It is software, in cyberspace, there is no system core, it cannot be shut down.

Let's take a look at ten vendors, what they are their offerings.

Company Product Desc Nature URL Remarks
Dell Dell's Virtual Network Services Infrastructure Virtual data center for rental IaaS URL I think Dell is trying to capitalize on two markets. 1.) Sell cloud optimized servers to its own data centers which support virtual network services 2.) Sell cloud optimized servers to customers planning to setup own cloud optimized data centers.
Redhat OpenShift Cloud application hosting for free. Supports open source programming languages which include Java EE 6. It is similar to Google App Engine and Windows Azure PaaS URL Redhat is providing consumers especially enterprise IT departments, to experiment with cloud environment. The free platform will come with certain restrictions and Redhat strategizes to sell Redhat cloud optimized OS and solutions for companies willing to setup cloud environment to host business applications. We must remember that having the appropriate platform is very important factor in the success of every undertaking
IBM zEnterprise Mainframe server Mainframe server with supports for cloud computing. Hardware & IaaS URL By default, mainframe support virtualization (which is the core idea of cloud computing). A typical setup includes IBM System z, IBM System Storage®, SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server for IBM System z and IBM Tivoli® Service Automation Manager
EMC Symmetrix VMAX Virtual Data Center Capabilities cloud optimized storage solution,it caters for scaling of storage in data center environment which supports cloud computing Hardware & IaaS URL Scalable means having to support multiple virtual servers, I/O and etc.It comprises of the VMAX (Virtual Mastrix Architecture) which is the software platform to enable virtualization. Symmetrix VMAX is the hardware product which runs VMAX platform and its supported applications in a box; completely plug and play and ready for deployment out of the box
Solarwinds VM To Cloud Calculator Virtualization management free tool Software Tool URL Designed to estimate what it would cost to run virtual machines (VM) on a cloud service, VM-to-Cloud Calculator takes inventory of all the VMs running on a user’s network and after the user selects which VMs a user wants to move, the VM-to-Cloud Calculator estimates and compares costs for Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and Rackspace Cloud Servers
Brocade VCS Technology Ethernet fabric Hardware and software suite URL Ethernet fabric technology in the industry is actually a platform to support virtualization of the Ethernet network. The VCS technology consists of three components namely: Etherenet Fabric, Distributed Intelligence and Logical Chasis
Oracle Oracle Public Cloud Subscription-based, self-service access to Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle PaaS & SaaS URL The Oracle Public Cloud includes Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cloud Service, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud Service, Oracle Social Network, Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service
VMWare VMware Workstation™ 8 VMware Workstation is a desktop version of VMWare's virtualization platform Software URL VMware Workstation™ 8 can be used to run cloud computing (virtual machines) on PC and can be configured as server services as well. However, it is not meant for server and data center with its limited functionality. VMware Workstation 8 now allows better integration with vSphere
Citrix XenServer® 6 Virtualization platform Software URL Optimizations for Cloud and Service Delivery Networking – XenServer 6 includes full integration of Open vSwitch, full Support for Microsoft System Center 2012,incorporates Xen 4.1 hypervisor (Powerful, Open Source Xen Hypervisor Engine)
Juniper Networks QFabric Ethernet Fabric Hardware and software suite URL Single tier network architecture. QFabric allows the network to be virtualized and creates nodes which are logical. The outcome is seemingly a fabric where all nodes are interconnected without inter-intermediaries.


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OpenShift provide consumers a free flat-form that supports open source programming. It's similar to Google's App Engine that also runs on cloud data center.