The Consumerization of IT – What and Why?

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Consumerization of IT is referring to a phenomenon where consumer IT and enterprise IT is merging. It is one of the major enterprise IT trend.

This is driven by two main catalysts 1.) proliferation of smart devices 2.) cloud computing.

Consumerization of IT is that it is about shift of control that users are now decider of policies. I agree with that not just because it is lifestyle and trends, more importantly, empowering employees with mobile computing also serves more working efficiency, cost savings and business performance.

Another reason for 'consumer-driven IT' is that people tends to do comparison. Enterprise IT will each have own IT teams which can exist for many reasons such as development of internal and customized business applications. These applications are subjected to comparison with available alternatives applications and technology out there, such as social media apps which are actually provided for free. Users will compare the better of both and decide on the best ones to use.

The challenge of coping with such trend is enterprise security where security solutions simply have to scan for more possibilities.

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