EnterpriseITNews.COM.MY Is Launched

Enterprise IT News (‘EITN’), Malaysia’s leading news channel for the IT industry is officially launched today. EITN is the latest news portal is aimed to be the news information hub for a comprehensive range of content regarding the enterprise-level IT products, solutions and services that is available for the local market.

According to EITN’s Managing Director, Ms Debbie Wang, this news portal intends to fulfill a significant gap in the market for the want of technology news that is focused on enterprise-level IT solutions.

“EITN will be a prime portal carrying the latest, most pertinent news announcements from both international and local IT brands which intend to reach out to the fraternity of IT professionals in this country. Essentially, EITN is the Malaysian news aggregation site for everything that relates to technology for the business.”

A Platform for Channels: IT Resellers & Distributors Can Reach Out Directly

Wang shares that the key reason behind the establishment of EITN is also to fulfill a long-time and neglected ‘gap’ in the local IT market.

“Many of the conventional media channels do not realize this, but the local IT Resellers & Distributors and System Integrators (SI) market is a crucial part of what contributes to the success of IT brands in Malaysia. Not only does the IT Channels market represent a majority of international IT principal brands in the country, they are also the ones who bring in and implement some of the most advanced foreign IT solutions that we enjoy here.”

EITN will provide a priority to focus the interest and happenings within the IT Channels market to its primary audience comprising IT decision-makers such as CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs and IT practitioners like business user heads, IT managers, infrastructure and software architects who are constantly on the lookout for the best IT applications and systems to support their organization.

EITN will also cater to a secondary audience of content seekers focused on technology information such as IT reporters and journalists, researchers and analysts, marketing and media service professionals, as well as social media folks such as bloggers, twitters and the virtual IT communities.

Wang says, “As it is, there is very limited option when it comes to local publications that carry enterprise-level technology news. Most local IT media are dedicated to consumer technology involving mobile devices, printers, computing gadgets and etc.”

“It is the enterprise IT segment that makes up the country’s billion dollars industry so why do folks have to rely on foreign IT publications to source the information they need for the IT solutions that they need here?”

Calling for News and Content Submissions

EITN is run by a team of IT writers, contributors and technology bloggers. Its content is categorized under Latest Offering, Trends, The Network, Applications & Systems and Channels and Spotlight.

“We welcome any press announcements about new enterprise IT products, solution and service offerings that you want to make known as available to the local market. The submitted content can also covers any IT (projects) Wins, Dealership partnerships, Appointment & Staff movement), Special Promotions and ongoing IT campaigns.”

“As the purpose of EITN is to be a comprehensive local site, we are most happy to work with any party that can value add in terms of contributing good, solid and useful ICT news for Corporate Malaysia,” ends Wang.

EITN will act as a single dedicated news platform whereby IT folks in the financial services, oil & gas, manufacturing, commercial services, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, hospitality, biometrics and agriculture sectors (amongst many others), can rely on to know of the latest enterprise IT happenings and offerings for their sectors.

Marcoms, marketing manager, account managers and PR agencies are welcome to submit their news releases and pertinent content to news@enterpriseITnews.com.my.