Huawei Symantec OCEANSPACE STORAGE Achieves Industry's Highest Benchmark Results (SPC-1)

Huawei Symantec announced that its Oceanspace T-series reported excellent SPC Benchmark 1 (SPC-1) performance, as defined by the Storage Performance Council, a vendor-neutral standards body focused on the storage industry.

In demonstrating excellent SPC-1 performance results, the Oceanspace S6800T employs a modular design, supports hot swap, automatic failover, and load balancing, which guarantees high performance and high reliability. It also reported a SPC-1 Price-Performance of only ~RM9 per SPC-1 IOPS.

As a midrange SAN product, Oceanspace S5600T reported a SPC-1 Price-Performance of ~RM8 per SPC-1 IOPS making it a cost-effective midrange storage system.

This makes both Huawei Symantec Oceanspace storage solutions ideal for enterprises that engage in online transactions, database operations, and mail server so that end-users have faster access to their data.

Leading-edge Storage Platform Capabilities

The recently launched storage systems of the Oceanspace T-series have customer-centric, flexible structures to allow a high level of performance via rapid flow of system data.

Oceanspace T-series products also support FC, iSCSI, and hot-plugging, and meet the demands of key business areas including online trade, large database processing, and high-performance computing.

Sean Hoong, Product manager (Storage), Huawei Symantec - Malaysia, says "The Huawei Symantec Oceanspace T-series is one of our flagship storage series, and it enables higher productivity, better efficiency, and a lower total cost of ownership."

“In addition to boasting advanced storage features such as high density, it also offers industry-leading enhanced data protection, using approaches such as snapshot and synchronous mirroring. The SPC-1 performance affirms the R&D investment that Huawei Symantec has made across its entire product line."

About the Storage Performance Council (SPC)

The SPC is a non-profit corporation founded to define, standardize and promote storage benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable storage performance data to the computer industry and its customers. The organization's strategic objectives are to empower storage vendors to build better products as well as to stimulate the IT community to more rapidly trust and deploy multi-vendor storage technology.