Latest Trends on Enterprise ICT Industry

If we look at Enterprise IT News.

These are where money are being or projected to be spent now and the near future.
  1. Cloud computing.
  2. Security (especially on cloud computing)
  3. Ethernet fabric
  4. Appliances - i.e SAP Hana, Oracle appliances
  5. Storage - i.e SAN, NAS
  6. Green IT
  7. IPv6
  8. Consumerization of IT - this includes social media

1.) Cloud computing

Cloud computing is everywhere and is in every new product. Cloud computing is the biggest driver of all enterprise It business today, if you are not, you are literally out. Refer to 'Cloud Computing Products And Services # 1'

2.) Security

Security has been around for all these years and it is getting harder and more challenging with cloud computing and consumerization of IT.
3.) Ethernet fabric

4.) Appliances
5.) Storage

More emphasis on SAN and NAS.
6.) Green IT

Cloud computing is actually part of green IT.

7.) IPv6
8.) Consumerization of IT

The top three trends (cloud computing, security and Ethernet fabric) actually co-exist and co-catalyst with each other.


MisYahd said…
Every web hosting is going green. This is a very good indication that they're using reusable energies like the sun and the wind to power up their data center.
phyllisjanes said…
Cloud computing is all the rage nowadays. At least everything gets more and more efficient.

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