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If referring to this case, 'Malaysian to pay $31,000 over Facebook defamation'

For discussion and research purposes.

It seems like information on social media like Facebook may not necessary be confidential (which is supposed to), depending on the case.

I think most likely what happened is the person who sued Mr. Leong Yook Kong (Mr.K. Paramanathan) is contained inside the friend lists of Mr. Leong.

Otherwise, Mr. Leong may be possible to counter sue Mr.K. Paramanathan for privacy breach.

Thus, it is possible to capture information from social media if the information are coming from friends.

This subject matter is still pretty grey.

All I know is that the law can only act based on evidence, which includes sms messages on handphones.

Therefore, I feel that the following hypothetical scenario is possible.

Let's say that I have a friend(in my Facebook's friend list) who works for a particular company. For some reason, I mentioned negative things about that company (on the wall) which puts me at risks of being liable for defamation.

This friend of mine somehow overwhelmed, screen captured the message on my wall and then sent it to his boss.

The boss found it to be defamatory and hence court case.

I think this is possible.

This suggests that do not simply add everybody to your social media's friend list.

Search engines like Google are not able to perform crawl on supposedly confidential information such as emails, information on social media platforms and etc.