Social Graph vs Interest Graph

Inspired by The Future of the Social Web: Social Graphs Vs. Interest Graphs.

Social graph defines who you know (through the web).

Interest graph defines what you like and how you are related to others through such interests(through the web)

A graph simply defines what connects the dots.

According to David Rogers, the Future of the Social Web, integrating the Graphs is something which Facebook have NOT succeeded in doing so via its apps platform. And this the is direction which Google's Social circles is counting on.

I think that the interest graph is subset of the social graph. And if I try to think about how interest graph can help me or to make my life more interesting and meaningful as what social graph has done in helping to connect old friends, saving my costs and efforts on communicating with people, making new friends and even doing business, I would say that interest graph is pretty much business oriented.

So things like who wants to buy what and I just so happen to sell that kind of thing and I can make use of the interest graph to sell it.

People don't really like to buy things through the social graph for two reasons. 1.) You don't really want to sell to your friends 2.) You don't really want to buy things from a stranger who happens to be on your social graph.

Therefore, interest graph looks like is going into few possibilities. Group based (or volume based) purchasing is a type of interest graph and is connected via the social graph.

What I really agree is that the near future is about integration. If you'd got a good platform and integration will decide your survival or extinction.


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